22 February, 2008

Predator Vision

BREAKTHROUGH...Juan "the mathmatician" Carlos finally told  our group what he wants in this mythical datascape that has yet to reveal itself.  He said "in my opinion, i would like to see a datascape look like, well have you seen the film predator? It shows data on everything he sees." Okay time to do that......soooooooooooooo our group put together a datascape that looked like that...JC comes back around....NO BUENO....why am i playing hopscotch?  I guess i am kind of delierious after those looooong nights....and i agree with my comrads that i am feeling a little bit vitamin D deficient...i need the sun.   But to bark more on JC....he expects us to put in so much work...i belive someone did the math one day (don't quote me i am not good at math...) and we are there around 48 hours a week....(class time mind you) and he is there 60 hours a semester....where is the problem here?  I NEED A PROFESSOR THAT WORKS WITH ME AND DOESN'T PLAY PING PONG WITH WHAT WE WANT.   It is always a relief with Professor Hecker.....he is not hard to please he is understanding and i feel as tho he gives una mierda about us.   

Datacards are cool but they can get out of hand....but i am rethinking my motto of "If it weren't for procrastination, I would have nothing to do tomorrow." into "Do the thing now so i can experience Barcelona......"  
Peace love and on a personal note....Ramsey takes forever to get ready  but a ping pong master i guess is a diva i dunno.  

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Adie Hailat said...

You crack me up....that's all I got for you....I feel that the majority of us are using this blog as a catholic would use a confession booth :D