18 February, 2008

Having an open mind for others...

Clemson Landscape Architecture Students and Grad Students in City and Regional Planning work with... Ain Sham's Architecture Students to preserve humanity's distant past in Luxor, Egypt!

As some of you may know, Will and I traveled, among other students in our studio, to Luxor with two of our professors for preliminary fieldwork and consultation with Egyptian Architecture students working on the same project. We spoke with local residents and officials, shot photos, and studied maps and historical documents in combined groups of Ain Shams Architecture students and us. More importantly, we experienced the magnitude of opportunity we had put ourselves in and how important this project actually is to the people of Egypt and their history. And we totally made long-lasting friendships with these kids. They were awesome to work with. This article I am posting, I found on the Clemson homepage and thought it was totally cool, because they are doing another studio this spring on a plan for 2050. Clemson has a lot to offer our programs when it comes to real-life experiences, and working between mixed disciplines is really easy if you have an open mind for one another and have respect for each other. It makes designing cities, revitalising temples, and so much more, that much easier... with an open mind.

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