27 February, 2008

Barca! Barca! Barca!

Sunday night I went to el partido de futbol... HOLY CRAP, IT WAS AWESOME! I had never been to a real soccer game before; there was so many people. Old, young, in-between; this was a drop everything you do and go type of thing in Barcelona, which is crazy cool.

B-rett and I didn't have tickets like the others, so as we are standing in line for tickets, some random Spanish guy comes up and starts speaking Spanish to us really fast about two tickets. He doesn't speak any English, he actually asked us if we spoke French... negative... but we managed to get two tickets out of him for a reasonable price considering we paid less than Adie and we were closer to the field. And he was a good scalper too if there is such a thing, because he walked us through the ticket gate with the tickets before he asked us for dinero. Kudos to B-rett for holding a conversation in Spanish with this guy... Dulce would be so proud ;)

Anyways, the game was so awesome and so much fun, and you could feel everyone's excitement for FC Barca. It was A-mazing. And we got to see all the big name guys, and the not so big name guys. Barca in action... so much fun to watch... it made me want to go play again. And we won 5-1 with Xavi and Messi's goals, and Eto'o's hat trick... NICE. As soon as it was over, I was ready to go again.

If you decide to go, watch out for the paper airplanes...

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