20 February, 2008

My view on fast food

When I stayed in Clemson, I lived on campus so if I needed food fast, a fast food restaurant was inconvenient because they were all off campus except for chick-fil-a. I had never been a fan of fast food in general I hardly ever ate fast food. I find it slightly humorous now as I have had a few long days in studio and in traveling where it just seems more convenient to go to the familiar sights such as mcdonalds or burger king. I say humorous because before I came here I could honestly say I had never had a whopper from BK and I had probably only been in McDonalds around 6 times in my entire life. I had gone to kfc some but still not very often. It seems like I am visiting these places often now though because its fast cheap and easy (and for some reason it ironically feels like home) to just order a happy meal. I think my parents would laugh at me though if they knew I actually went somewhere like BK under my own will. I am thinking of documenting all the toys I have received on a data card though since it is a new adventure for me.

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