25 February, 2008

Proxima estacio: HELL!!

dear blog,

Ok, so the title is a little extreme, but the work amount is pushing my limits. This week we have worked on datacards, datascapes, park projects for Kathrin, and playing juegos with Dulce. And all this is ok and expected, excpet for when it alls comes at you at once. For my birthday this year all I want is my 14,000 hours of sleep back.

On a school note, I did like my datacards this week. I chose to model them after the metros of the different places we've gone. If they place we went didn't have a metro, or we walked, I traced our path over a map and used different symbols and lines to represent walking, bus riding, and metro riding. I hope Hecker likes them. I had a little trouble at the end with saving Illustrator files and it worried me and it was Hell...literally. I think this week I'm going to do my two datacards on Paris, and maybe on taking my friends around Barcelona.

This week My friend Rick came to visit me from CT, and I toured him around. It felt good at first to take him around but I got bored after awhile. Oh well, can't write on here too long got our first review tommorow so I probably won't sleep AGAIN... tonight. :(

Wash Owt

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