27 February, 2008

Fine Dining

Best restaurants within 5 mins of studio

Oviso - 2 mins
pro: great combi del dia that includes soup and a second course, both of which change daily
con: not fast with large groups
Dionisos - 2 mins
pro: best pita falafel con hommous in Barcelona, only 3 euro
con: cant eat a pita falafel every day...you just cant
Vegetalia - 2 mins
pro: incredible homemade organic food, great homemade hummus, fresh mixed juices
con: typically costs around 10 euro with hummus, meal and juice
Belgious - 3 mins
pro: food and dessert crepes made fresh in front of you, many options for both
con: winter hours are terrible and its hit and miss if it will be open
Starbucks - 3 mins
pro: fast coffee that you know and love from home
con: the prices here...not the same as home
Safra 18 - 5 mins
pro: menu del dia that is two main courses, dessert, wine or water and bread for 9 euro
con: only available mon-fri 2-4:30, not a fast meal if you're in a hurry

1 comment:

Michel said...

Hi from Belgious: I agree with your comments on the winter hours, it was an experiment. We will switch back to the normal schedule: Every day from 12 to 12, weekends till 03 morning. As of april we project to be open from 9 am during the week with maple syrup pancake breakfasts ;-)