22 February, 2008

maybe its just been a long night, but... (edited version)

So I just turned in my data cards, essay of inspiration and direction, my final case study from our first study travel (that I just realized has the wrong text block on it… yay for all nighters), had a little time to myself (maybe an hour) and now I am posting blogs. Just one of the many assignments that I have the pleasure of completing while I loose sleep, retard my social life and try my best to turn myself into this fine tuned robot (which is impossible because the human body requires rest and daylight… two of the necessities that I have almost forgotten exists). So I can currently downloading emails while I am posting my blogs (yes currently, internet at RESA is that S….L….O…..W). I am not sure that RESA’s internet helps with our productivity… you've got to multitask just to get through the day.

Oh, and to go off on that tangent… Talking about productivity… you pretty much get the load of bull we get in studio if you have spoken to any of us. In my opinion, no one has the right to be complaining about us not being productive. Productivity and time management goes hand in hand. This is not the case for our studio this semester… well, lets do the math… class is 2.5 hours long, phone time: approximately 15 mins, each class, arrive late: 30-45 mins every day, covering the same material: 30 mins on each group (30min x 6 = 3hr)
2.50 hrs
- 0.25 hrs (phone)
2.25 hrs
- 0.75 hrs (arrives late)
1.50 hrs
- 3.00 hrs (circles...I‘m being generous)
(-1.50) hrs

This blog looks as though it is going to be long enough so I’m calling it quits so I can go try to regain some of my lost production time by using up my weekend… aka MY PERSONAL TIME. Time that I am suppose to have to enjoy my international experience but who cares about that right? I mean I only gave up a down payment on a Boeing 767 to come here…

Simply said… IN MY OPINION… NO?

…yeap, still downloading my first email… (smiley face with steam coming out from around the collar)
PS - I would like to appologize if this blog post contains errors due to editing...

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