25 February, 2008

zurich almost perfect

Zurich was about one minute from not happening. After the week full of work, we had a flight at 4:10 Thursday afternoon. Ahead of Eggl by around 20 minutes, Brett, Cromer, and I had a little better luck. Jumping off the bus at the airport, we got to the counter as the "Last Call" sign was flashing. Deep sigh, now we just had to get through security. Running to our gate, we were again faced with the "Last Call" sign. Just in time. Time to forget about school for the next two days. Life in BCN will be much simpler when the new L9 train connects the city with the airport. The metro-train-bus combination can be quite annoying. Moral of the story, give yourself more than enough time to get to the airport.

Switzerland does it right. The public transportation (mostly an outdoor tram) is simple and efficient. Streets are clean, everyone knows English, the people are all nice. I found out it has been rated number one in "quality of life" for the entire world a few consecutive years in a row. The one thing I wished it had more of was contemporary architecture. With such a successful and technological city, it lacked the contemporary icons you might expect. When dining in McDonalds and eating their 4 franc french fries, we met an Australian who has lived in Zurich for the past ten years. When we asked him if he had any recommendations for contemporary architecture, and he told us we should check out Dubai. Thanks, a lot. We did find a train station by Calatrava that was kinda cool. We didn't have much time to explore much else other than Zurich, and I know there's plenty out around the area, but just being in the city less than 48 hours, I was extremely impressed. BLOG, out.

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