22 February, 2008

A language that everybody speaks

Today I woke up after a long night/ day sleep at 3 pm. and I'd like to take the chance and congratulate whoever invented those "Las Perisanas" aka window garage doors aka blinds... etc
so I woke up and I felt like exercising since I havent done that in a while thanks to Architecture. So I and Harry went to run by the beach. We got to that pushups & pullups area, worked out a little and then when we were done, started joggling with the ball.
after a while I realized that there was this kid, looking at us so I passed him the ball and he started playing with us, I was stuck by how well he played. It never occurred to me how with Futbol there is no need to even speak to the others, you just let the ball do all the ice breaking between people.
When we were done, we walked back home and on the way we passed by a school teacher who had a lot of little students walking around her, and as soon as they saw the ball they started shouting, Pasa la Pasa la.
So I guess there are some few things in life that take our minds away from our differences and make us just think about how we are similar. and Futbol is one of those things.

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