16 February, 2008

Mi bici en Barça

Valé, so Barcelona is immense, we know this to be true.  I have so many places I love to go and what not and I think it is due to my bici.  Yes, about a month ago Professor Hecker took alluvus out on a tour'de Barça via bikes, and I had a blast....this is def the best way to see a city.....one problem tho....biking in a big city is like a huge game of bowling except in this version we try not to knock over people and baby strollers.  Anyyyyyywho, I bought a bike which you can see in the picture a la isquierda.  It has enabled me to visit such places as the Forum and Diagonal, Gaudi Works and Sagrada Familia with relative ease.  I think it was one of the best purchases here cus i def paid off plus I´m getting exercise as well.  As a matter of fact I am going to take this baby out in a few min to go to Mare Magnum and recharge my mobile and check out the open market they have out there every weekend...oh and to those who dont know there is some crazy stuff there....the other week i thought i saw someone selling stuff that looked like they stole it out of a cathedral......interesting is all i got to say.  Anywho, Im out!

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