20 February, 2008

RESA Open Highlights

The RESA Open is now in the books. The victor was Harry Han aka The Korean Dragons. The tournament could have been better. Gorgeous Boiling Springs and The Green Jugglers were unable to show due to reasons I’d rather not specify. The tournament, originally scheduled for an 8:00pm tip-off was delayed due to a sudden urge by 6 of the teams to eat at a yummy sushi buffet. The commissioner and vice commissioner, who sat at the head of the table were completely stuffed, little did they know they would meet again in the finals with a full stomach.
The tournament ended with Harry beating Ryan in 2 straight sets, very close though I must say. And now for the honorary awards ceremony:
Best Dressed: The Egg Men
Most Drunk: The Wall Crawlers/ Egg Men
Best Keep the Score Close Player: The Egg Men
Cutest Shoes: The Hustlers
Most Improved: The Silent Strikers
Most Likely to Never Win a Match: The Wall Crawlers
Worst Team Name: The Quacks
Most Likely the Rule North America: The Cripps
Best Serves: The Cripps & The Korean Dragons

Upcoming Events:
Expansion Team try-outs, this weekend
Hecker’s Park Exhibition charity event, TBA
Will “D” please contact Commissioner Ramsey at
jrramse@clemson.edu for further times on this event

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