15 February, 2008

If JC had a clone he could play Juan on Juan streetball.

My group's researching transportation for Juan Carlos. We started by looking at 15-minute radii around important locations [walking, biking, driving, etc.]. It was really vague and sorta half-assed after getting back from our travel study. We started to developing our scheme into the same sort of distance vs. time idea but we resolved our diagrams into path vectors and realistic trajectories. [Look how interesting I made that seem]. In reality, it was a bunch of lines drawn over a google maps image.

Here's where we're going...
We've got to ANALYZE something. I want to look at dispersement patterns [major points for public transportation/where movement is directed]. Locals vs. Tourists public transportation usage. How transportation affects housing [?]. Infrastructures. Comparisons [ExtremeLeft-Barcelona-Extreme right]. Time vs. Distance vs. Cost. Efficiency. Strategies. And on top of it all...it has to be graphically interesting. My brain hurts.

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