27 February, 2008

First Review Impressions

The first formal review went pretty well for us. We got some decent feedback and one of the critiques that really struck home for me was the need to really converse the conclusions that we made during our research. Especially for the timeline, I need to work on making an argument about the research rather than just throwing research out at people whenever I am trying to prove a point. I think the overall material that we presented to the Juan Carlos and Doug Hecker was appropriate, and it encompassed multiple factors of the past, present, and future that were appropriate to our site. We discussed the evolution of tourism, the city, temporary housing, and the more focused areas of the airport, port, and Montjuic. We as a group also need to work on a more graphic unity, but I feel like over time that can really be remedied. It will take some time to get to that point where our graphic levels and our way to identify ourselves as a whole is unified, but it is a necessary step to make.

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