22 February, 2008


Props to the boys...I didnt think Id say it...but I am. Last Sunday Johanna, Shannon, Katie and I tagged along with the boys after hearing that they had found an all you can eat sushi buffet. We were skeptical because directionally speaking the boys have let us down at times in the past. However the past is the past because this sushi buffet might have been the best meal Ive had so far in Barcelona.

When we got there, the price made us rethink going in but we looked in the window and saw that the tables were all arranged around a long skinny conveyor belt of food...what? a conveyor belt of food? yes and it was amazing. Places like this were made for the way we eat. We picked a table randomly but happened to get the table right where they put new food on so we scouted and ate like fools. The sushi was great but there was also tons of other stuff. We ate a lot of unidentified food, which is a big deal for me. We grabbed plates off that conveyor belt like there was no tomorrow...and it just kept coming :) We kind of made a scene. There were two boys tables and one girls table and together we ate more than everyone else in the place...easily. The idea of a buffet without the effort of having to get up and get more food is the most awesome thing ever. It sounds like a very American thing to do haha

With all that said...this was a really fun meal with entirely too much food consumed and I would definitely go back there again. Sorry I dont remember the name...but I remember where it is for the future visits :)

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