15 February, 2008


Being in Barcelona has been amazing. The school part has not been that great. Studio is very different from America to Barcelona. The work here is very different. Back home our studios have been very straightforward and we were given a site and told to develop a model, plans, etc. We never really researched the land usage in depth just a basic site analysis. In Barcelona on the other hand, we have been focusing on datascape in depth analyses on specific topics. Reviews in studio consisted of talking about your model and design process, while in Barcelona it is more theoretical and not very rigid. Everything is up in the air and unclear at times. Overall, so far it has been a very different experience, and I think in the end I will be happy to experience this unique type of studio.

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c r o m i e said...

That tiger paw seems to have a UPC tumor! By the looks of it...it's malignant.