15 February, 2008

Travel Studies....

The first travel study week was awesome! Traveling to Madrid, El Escorial, Toledo, Bilbao and San Sebastian really allowed me to compare urban settings. But by far, I like the life style of Barcelona the best. The metro system in Madrid was no where near as easy to figure out. The one thing that I really didn’t like was the fact that each train has all of the lines posted above the doors, so you had to make sure you were on the right train before you left the station. You can’t just look above the door to double check and clearly see which stop you were at. Wow, lets not mention the security guards at the train station. Escorial should invest in more public transportation such as buses that would not manipulate the land as much. Toledo’s project with the escalators was pretty cool. Bilbao was a nice town. I liked how it was laid out and the feeling you have there during the day. Night life? Yeah, I didn’t see much of any. Get some younger people to move into town people. The coolest thing there of course is the Goog! San Sebastian was just beautiful. I really liked the interaction between the Atlantic Ocean and the urban city. Travel study week number two….are you here yet?

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