22 February, 2008

"I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter"

The lyrics to linkin park's song In The End always come to mind when thinking datascapes. cause somehow it seems like nothing is ever right. during tuesday's review when looking at our compilation of analytical maps and data on one "scape" if you will, he says well this is good but this is not a datascape, the information is very good but it in a way it needs to all be compiled into a single image.... so wednesday is spent slaving away till 3:30 in the am trying to do just that. in review on thursday we show the partially incomplete but redone datascape... to hear that... well what i would like to see in a way is this shown in a series of maps no?..... so its halfway back to square one. one day its a single image.... one day its several. what is it really??? i still don't know. maybe we will find a way to do both. just a giant smörgåsbord of every whim and fancy that has ever entered his mind. but nevertheless... in the end.... i'm sure it won't even matter.

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