20 February, 2008


Today has been a very crazy day. Working on the hybrid was very confusing. But as we talked about it as a group we came up of what we “think” is a clear idea of a hybrid. We had a HEV and we examined parts of it and created a energy harnessing system to help power the building. And coming up with a concrete datacard scheme was very mind boggling. I thought about it all weekend, but could not come across anything. Finally after sitting down and sketching out a few possible schematic designs I finally came up with one good one. I decided to use the same font to show connectivity. I also came up with a unique weekly timeline that shows what I have done during each week and for what class. Using the fonts and timeline as my main setup, I finally started getting somewhere. It is still crazy to do all these datacards plus a datascape (which I’m still trying to understand slowly), hybrids, Kathrin’s studio project and our travel class. All I have to say is I AM HAPPY WE ARE GOING TO NETHERLANDS NEXT WEEK!!

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