23 February, 2008


Well blogs have definitely gotten away from me this week. As with the other 22, I've put in a ton of work for studio/datacards/hybrids/etc. this week and the blog has truthfully just slipped between the cracks for me. I hope to get better at this, but for now, I'm hittin the sack so i can datascape like no other tomorrow. With a first JC review comin up, we'll have a lot of maps, diagrams, plans, information, datascapes, and other various forms of visual magic to produce in a few days. So, sleep now, work in the mornin.

Also, I had no clue what picture to put up here. So cliff hammonds is makin the barcelona blog, representin CU Architecture on the basketball team. Those boys only need a couple more wins to make it to the dance, GO TIGERS!!!

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