15 February, 2008

Awkward moment #124...

work break. enter local supermarket. grab coke and some chips. proceed to check out.
enter dancing midget.
in attempt not to make e
ye contact as he shouts "mi amiga" i look away.
in an instant i am startled b
y a finger poke in the ribs accompanied by a loud abrupt noise that can only be described as something along the lines of HERRRRRRNNNNNNGGGGG!
knock coke across the check out counter in sheer alarm.
turn to look in fright toward the source of this unexpected action to the open arms of dancing midget grinning and shouting "mi amiga"
midget plants hug and kiss on jacket.
grab change and exit in fear to shouts of Estrella damm is gold.
end scene.

how i long for the da
ys of making it a week in this city without a memorable awkward experience...

1 comment:

c r o m i e said...

Umm...I'm pretty sure that "midget" isn't the preferred nomenclature. "Little people"/"gente piqueña". Have some political correctness.