25 February, 2008

I Wanna Uppercut a Punkass

so, has anyone seen those sketchballs on the streets at night sellin hashish, cervezas, coca, other sketchy paraphernalia, and callin honest, innocent asians chino? of course u hav, don't even deny it. it's a part of barcelona culture, and to b perfectly honest, it's not sumthin i admire. i gradually find myself becomin more and more aggressive these days, much more than i would ever have been in the states. i could just walk by and act like i didn't hear anythin, but u kno wat? sometimes u just gotta b aggressive right back for them to back down. and don't even mention the word chino to me, cus i everytime i hear that word, i just start seein red, and am ready to throw down whenever, wherever, whether there b pedestrians or cops, 1 of them or 10 of them. to me, they're all punkasses, and i just wanna uppercut every one of them.

replace the girl with said punkass

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