19 February, 2008

Hybrid !!! Music is my Sister!

Dear blog,

You are my lover. "Music is boyfriend, Music is my imaginary friend, Music is my king size bed, Music is where I keep my friends."

Ha, that song is stuck in my head, because whenever I see the iphone commercial that song plays on it. This week we were assigned a semester long project to take a hybrid of our chosing and Prof. Hecker's approval and make a section of it. Our group got the (iPhone) as our hybrid....courtesy of moi! lol JK im not that cocky. We had some other good ideas though including a duck, a hover car, and the Hubble telescope.
I'm really interested to see what we're going to do with this project and our section. I think the iPhone is so cool in itself that creating a building from its principals and specific functions would be as cool if not cooler. It will take a lot of creativity and changes in drawing, but I think this has the potential to be a really great project.
I like the fact that this section and design of a hybrid is going to tie into our semester long studio design project, and I like that we get to be creative with the final product. I don't like the fact that data cards are due similtaneously, but hey that's life.

-Wash out.

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