25 February, 2008

Datascapes make me EMO (Cloud-Strike) save me

dear blog,

Doing all this datascaping is making me want to hide in the corner of my 25 x 25 room with the lights out while listening to Dashboard and cry. At least then i'll free myself from that which is made up word created by the devil.

Definition datascape: day-ta-skayp . n. information pertaining to the area of interest of architecture, landscape architecture, and millions of hours of work for nothing. Also see: Matrix, Superman, Predator, and imaginary.

On a lighter note Kathrin mentioned CLOUD STRIKE today which is definately not a type of imaginary city. I believe it is a Decepticon from Transformers. He is part of the elite allegience of terrorists trying to use the cube for the worst of humanity and machines alike.

Wash Owt.

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