22 February, 2008


People in Barcelona really utilize parks to the maximum.   I was out this past weekend for a break from the harsh indoor environments that are present in the program, well I love the outdoors.  After going to Andorra the other weekend and walking past Parc Cuitadella on the way to the bus station, I decided it was time to check out the Park.  It was Saturday afternoon so I expected a lot of people to be out enjoying the day.   The park was amazing in the amount of different uses that people were finding to do.   People were playing soccer, dancing, drinking, romancing, enjoying family, paddling around in the pond, playing music, outdoor ping pong and the list goes way on.
One of my favorite things about the park besides the high number of uses was the FOUNTAIN, this is a MOST SEE for BCN.   It was really gorgeous with many people taking pictures.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PEOPLE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS PLACE ON WEEKENDS.

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