14 February, 2008

After reading you will be tired of the word Mathematics

So I was watching a documentary on youtube.com last night on a castle in Grenada, Spain. It is based on a simple mathematical formula the square root of two, three, four and five. I think the name of the castle is Alhambra, but I'm not sure on that one.

The reason I bring this up is because of the extreme care that ancient architects put into mathematical design in their architecture. The pyramids and this castle are just two of the many examples of great architecture all designed with simple mathematics.

I wonder how much this technique is still used today, if it is completely outdated because of the use of computers or if computers have allowed us to explore a whole new range of possibilities when designing with mathematics in mind.

From working experience it seems as if ADA architectural standards have replaced the use of deciding why a hallway should be a certain length when the architects of the past would have had the freedom to make the hallway to the correct mathematical proportions.

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