14 February, 2008

BCN architecture

After being here for month and a half, I've began to notice quite a difference from the lifestyle I was used to in the States. Back in Clemson, architecture was only something I dealt with in Lee Hall during studio hours and before final reviews. When I walked out of the building, I was leaving anything associated with architecture behind.

In BCN, architecture never leaves your mind. You're surrounded by people who share the same interest, you're taking a full course load almost entirely in architecture (feels like 3 studios at times), and we are also located in one of the best cities in the world to study architecture. We are faced with it from the moment we leave RESA. Not everything is made of out of the same boring brick. It's allowed me to think much more in depth about architecture, whether it be my personal feelings on a building, to even where I want to go once I leave Clemson next spring. I'm interested to find out how I'm going to feel after spending this entire semester here.

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