12 February, 2008

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Alright, I admit I am new to this blog thing. I assume you just pick something that is on your mind to talk about. Today I will talk about my views of this great city of Barca. Barcelona...Discovered by the Germans in 1927, they originally called it barcelonia, which means a whales......nevermind. I will tell you, being a kid that rarely leaves South Carolina, that Barcelona is an amazing city with so much going on. One thing that Professor Hecker has touched on numerous times is the way that architecture and the existing buildings are treated here in Barcelona. They don't hold the older buildings on some pedistal that is untouchable. They are always trying to modernize and create new and contemporary architecture. However, it still amuses me to see a city block with multiple sections missing. I think architecture in the united states could learn a lot from these European cities. Alright, blog out.

Love and Architecture


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