14 February, 2008

it's tuesday...did u bring ur coat?

actually, it's thursday, but some of us get the title...well, finally, a day of rest after a retarded hard 2 days of doin nuthin but dealin with data and puttin it into card form...already got complaints about us from bein in studio at night...evidently they thought we were havin a party...all we were doin was bein ourselves on a late night in studio doin work...a little relief now, the weekend's here and i don't have to worry bout datascapes and watnot for bout 2 days...i might even get some sleep in
i guess the real challenge of studyin in barcelona isn't the fact that there's a gigantic work load...it's the fact that the city of barcelona offers so many distractions both in terms of entertainment and architecture...i pass by a building that is either dedicated to gaudi or designed by him or both on the way to studio everyday, and everytime i pass by i'm thinkin wat the hell's in that thing? well, i'm sure i'll find out one of these days...alright, i'm gonna go get distracted some more, harry han out

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