14 February, 2008

Mujer loca afuera la RESA

OMFG can she not yell at everything?! Ok so for those who don't know, there is a woman who sits for 23 hours out of the day in the plaza outside of the RESA who yells at people and animals and police that happen to cross her path.  She is a total dumpster troll and was in the Miss Dumpster Troll 2008 calendar...i think she was May or October, I'm not too sure on this one, but nonetheless DAMN.  One morning on my way to studio I was doing my normal routine, going to the bakery and getting a croissant con jamón y queso and when I looked up from my iPod I saw the most horrific thing I could have ever seen.  This woman was bent over, relieving herself into the street.  I just about fell over when I saw this.  After she finished she then walked over to a pigeon and began to yell at it with her Estrella Damm in hand no doubt.  At night when I am not slaving away in studio I can always count on waking up to the sound of "UNGGGGGGGG."  She, yelling at something.  But anywho, I just find it amazing that she just is doing whatever she does and no one cares.  Well that's all I got for this one.

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