10 April, 2008

5 Best Tips you'll ever get living in Barcelona!!!

Dearest Blog,

Today we have a special edition blog where i will give everyone the benefit of the 5 best tips they will ever recieve about living in Barcelona! Protect yourself and have fun! that's my motto. Usually I charge for this type of advice but for you my friends.....es gratis.

5.) Doritos Tex Mex and KasFruit juice are lifesavers at all times of the day! Doesn't matter if it's Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner, this 1.85 euro combo will keep you happy and running at all hours.

4.) If you happen to go to the hospital, yelling at the doctor because he doesn't speak english is NOT recommended even if in excruciating pain.

3.) Wearing headphones to and from class is a good way to jam out to your favorite music, and stop all those hecklers from offering you discoteque flyers and selling you foreign substances.

2.) If you have a spanish speaking roomate, talk to him/her! It's a great way to make a new friend, and learn some of the language. If you become good enough friends with them, they can also help you if you have any questions about anything or to anyone.

1.) Metal awning shades (as Joe previously stated) are those shutters outside your window. USE THEM. They block out sun, wind, and all those crazy people and giant prehistoric sounding birds that sound like dying babies outside your window!!!

That's all for now
Wash OwT.!!!

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