11 April, 2008

Kathrin's paper/presentation combo are due pretty much Monday.
My favorite Genova kids are coming here next weekend.
Studio review is in 1.5 weeks.
Data cards are due early May.
Still don't have an internship for the summer.
And, I have become my Daddy-O, whom I love.

I'm so psyched about finishing the work with well-developed ideas, strategies, illustrations, etc. that needs to be done, so that play time can exist. However, I feel that others are living in now and not future (future, like one week), which is fine, but I personally feel the sooner things get done, the sooner play time comes for real, right? Mas o menos. But, when I was having a chat with the person who wants to become a mime and read children's books on La Rambla, I realized that I am the only one on my boat, making me a little frustrated. Okays, a lot frustrated.

I personally, I would love to set goals for the paper being done early Sunday (instead of Monday morning, which I fear for)... studio boards getting finished Friday-ish... and data cards will be finished the following week, but, all is dependent upon meeting times... this, that, and the other. All of which I cannot control. I love variables.

Variables are also controlling my ability to find a summer internship/job dealing somewhat in the LA field. My friend who is a construction manager in Hotalanta was just telling me how they are lacking in work because of the housing market being down... really down. Then, 2 days ago, I get an email from a really awesome firm down by the coast telling me that I have a great resume because of my work experiences and opportunities I have taken advantage of, but they just can't hire an intern this summer... because of the stupid housing market. So check back before I graduate in December... this has occurred multiple times. Variables and frustrations. Frustrations and variables.

Don't get me wrong, I love life and I love Barcelona and I love being on my own. Three of my favorite things, but I am ready to be finished with this semester forever. A lot of things have been a PITA, especially the variations in ages and maturity levels, and if you have been in the workforce, you know what this is. I am very excited to see my favorites this next weekend and show them around one of my favorite places... they'll finally get to see some really awesome contemporary architecture, as well as a multitude of other awesome places where I have called home these last few months. I am also excited to see my cousin and his family in Southern Germany when we finish reviews. I cannot remember the last time I saw him and I cannot wait to meet his little guy and wifey and spend some time being the people we love to hate (tourists). The video is my cuzo and his son and the reason I am looking forward to being finished with this semester :)


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