18 April, 2008

I really wish I had a Kit-Kat right now

Seriously though, I've ate about 100 kit kats in the past week. They are delicious. Here's the point; our steel and hybrid structure has taken on the form of a possible space frame coupled with a triangulated mesh structure. It is interesting, and although I have two summers of experience in the construction field, I honestly don't completely understand how this structure will go together. I have been sketching out possible ideas for it lately and I think I might have a grasp on it by the end of the night.

The idea is that the space frame itself is a structure that is made of triangulated cells that rely on tension and compression to become structurally sound. This is fine if the structure has a logical way of transferring loads to the ground, however attempting to use space frames as a skeleton for creating a triangulated meshing structure seems a bit odd. I mean, I'm sure theres a way to do it, but looking at my model right now, it seems that the tension and compression that the space frames rely on for support are not in equilibrium because of the odd shapes that the mesh appearance give. There would probably be lots of research in the composition of each triangular panel to achieve the adequate forces needed for the structure to stand, however I am only one architect with 4 days left and a structural idea that came up too late in the game to be properly researched.

Love and Architecture


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