22 April, 2008

And it's over...sorta

So Group Cuatro TRANSforum presentation is complete! I don't know what I was expecting before today (I didnt really have the time to think about it), but presenting a project to 7 professional completely different architects is pretty intimidating. I was pretty proud of how the final boards turned out, and the critique went okay.

Our biggest challenge was narrowing down our four months of study to a 10 minute speech and four 20 inch square boards. Much of the feedback we received was valid, but it was frustrating to know we had some of the research to back up their questions. Two big issues we need to address before our final submission are showing design process and research and bringing our design into the city context of BCN. Structural clarity of the steel design is also important to go back and look at. But before that, I think we all deserve a nice day of sleep and relaxation. I'm checkin' this day as a success.

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