18 April, 2008

The end is near

The end is certainly in sight. Kathrin's project is pretty much wrapped up, and final studio review is in 4 days (sounds crazy) and then all thats left is reworking the boards a bit and doing the semester compilation book for Hecker. Im getting really excited for my time here in Barcelona after classes end. As Johanna pointed out, its like when we were here at the beginning and saw a lot of stuff, except this time around, we know the city. We've already compiled a big list of things left to see in Barcelona before we fly out including seeing Torre Agbar at night and hitting up the Magic Fountains for like the 10th time :) I think Im most looking forward to being able to wake up, swing by the awesome bakery in our plaza from Kathrin's class, and head out for a day on the beach. There is also some travel planned into this after class time. I hoping to be able to hit up Paris with Shannon, Josh and Ryan for 3-4 days and then do a few cities in Italy, hopefully Rome, Florence and maybe Venice. Problem is, with all this crunch time at the last minute, its been tough to find time to search for flights and more importantly search for hostels/hotels in Paris. We've heard finding a place to stay in Paris is really hard. Hopefully we'll get it all worked out so that the last month spent here is just fun and relaxing.

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