12 April, 2008


So I think for the first time in the semester, our group knows where we are heading. I guess its better late than never. But our concept of making our site into a transportation hub has started to evolve. After watching the reviews from a&m on Thursday, I feel pretty confident our group will be ready next week. In particular, I've been trying to revamp all of our old stuff from past reviews and figure out how we are going to present them on our final boards. Its hard trying to all work smart independently when so much stuff your doing effects what your partner is doing. I'm excited to see the final results of everyone's work for the past 4 months, and also pretty ready to say goodbye to the barcelona port. It definately went too fast, and I miss Dulce. The picture is a sweet rendering some lady working for Diagonal Mar gave me when we went in to inquire about the park.

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