04 April, 2008

Poeta Bosca

With the occasional reminder that we actually do have other classes here comes the realization that things are getting a little down to the wire. So in an attempt to actually make some progress in our back-burner class with Kathrin, she helped us set up a meeting with the architect of Plaza Poeta Bosca, Josep Mias. Jo, Lauren and I met with him Wednesday night to talk about his inspirations in the development of the project and ask some of our questions, and it went really well. Some of the interesting things he talked about included the overall fish design of the landscape taken from forms drawn by Canary Islands artist Manrique. In his design Mias gave volume to these 2D drawings by including even the trees, grass, and playground as parts of the abstract fish. Even the slide in the playground is positioned as part of a fish drawing. He also compared the market/plaza/park to a small scale Central Park. Barcelonetta in an area more known for its perimeter and the beach. The new plaza makes the area much more permeable, and he even brought some of the sand of the beach into the plaza. Also the beach can be a dangerous area at times, especially at night, so creating a play area for children was very important along with the bright white lighting for increased safety of the plaza after dark. It was great to meet with him and get a more personal look into the space we have studied for several months now and come to know quite well.

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