10 April, 2008

Materials are the bomb diggity!!

Dearest Blog,

This week in studio has been all about our central driving program. We've been focusing so much on just maintatining a central project title that we had been neglecting material use.!!!! In comes ME. I dedicated a day to research of some of the main materials we are looking to use on our site and buildings on the site. The materials include Algorythm, and Hybrix which are two new age cutting edge methods of manipulating metal and steel to form curved ceiling surfaces. Algorythm uses computer design and cutting to form single sheets that can curve in many ways yet still support itself. Hybrix uses two types of stainless steel, one face is stronger than the other allowing it to curve and still remain strong and light. We also looked into Grade 316 hygenic marine grade stainless steel for our structure. We are thinking about incorporating PVC, photovoltaic cells into our windows or fabirc so they will function to power the buildings and still be lightweight and aesthetically pleasing. We want to use reflective film on our windows to reflect the landscape back to onlookers, and create artificial islands. Our site plan also calls for a dense overtaken of marshland so the landscape is reclaiming the urban fabric and microrganisms and new wildlife will thrive. All and all i hope these next few weeks go smooth and i can leave Barcelona happy, healthy, and with a good review.

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