12 April, 2008


So I took some much needed time away yesterday, mostly far away from my computer, and headed down to the beach with Chad, Steven, and Jeremy. We had every intention of gettin some good ping pong in at Plaza Poeta Bosca on the way until I crushed the ball after about 11 minutes of gaming. What's worse is that I crushed it by stepping on it and wasn't smart enough to bring spares, because ping pong balls are such durable creations.

So on to the beach we went. Jeremy had been talkin about finding a good place to do slackline, and I'd just been nodding my head and pretending like I knew what was going on. Then he asked if I'd ever done it, and I admitted I had no clue what was about to happen. Basically, it's a massive, industrial strength rubber band suspended between two trees, poles, etc. to create a tightrope. Then, you amuse yourself and others by walking on it, running on it, jumping on it, and/or getting thrown by it. It seems like it'd be fun to get good at it, but I never got up and stayed up for more than a few seconds. Jeremy was pretty good though, drew a few spectators even. Funniest part though was this kid on a bike who apparently didn't see it somehow and ran into it while we were setting it up. Hearing the really loud snap, we turned around and saw this look of pure confused terror on his face....priceless! It was definitely a good day at the beach.

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