04 April, 2008

For Katrin's class we are all studying a plaza space in Barcelona. Myself, Shannon and Johanna are studying Plaza Poeta Bosca in combination with Plaza de la Font and Mercat Barceloneta. We visited the architect of the newly completed market to learn his ideas behind the design of both the building and the space as a whole. It was fascinating to hear all this thoughts on this space that I would have never thought of on my own. He told us the space was supposed to be circulated in a snaking pattern from inside the market down the plaza space because that was so different than the rest of the grid like Barceloneta. One of my favorite things he talked about was his opinion on what children think of public spaces and architecture. Johanna mentioned that Kathrin had suggested that we ask children in the plaza to do sketches of the spaces and how they use them. We told that to Mias and he really liked the idea. He pulled out a book on a project he is working on right now and flipped to an image of his design drawn by his seven year old. He put the image into the book to show the simplicity of the design and how it is understood by a child. I think that was a really interesting idea and it was cool to see it in the book. As an architect, Mias really had some cool ideas and it was great to get to hear them from him in relation to what we are researching on the plaza.

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