04 April, 2008


I'm sitting in my room in RESA. I just almost knocked myself unconscious when I stood up [to gather some important architecture-related documents] and banged my head on a shelf. A sweet shot glass that I got in Berlin fell in front of my face, bounced of the tile floor, evaded my swooping grasp, and shattered at my feet.

Yesterday I tweaked the Fung Swei of my room for the third time. It's like playing Tetris but retarded. I think I've reached a comfortable resolution...desk rotated 90deg. The benefits are pleasant views out the window and improved seating arrangements for guests. Disadvantages include increased head banging.

The whole situation makes me appreciate the apartment that's waiting for me back in Clemson. My roommate's graduating in May and inevitably transitioning to the working world. This presents the problem of re-awesomating my living room once he takes furniture and whatnot. I've been talking with my friend who's moving in during the summer about how to restore and maximize the awesomeness of my apartment. Clint's a biology major but he has aspirations to pursue architecture. I recreated his vision in Illustrator.

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