04 April, 2008

gettin a little feedback

Its no secret that our group hasn't been on our best foot in the respect of our project developing. On Thursday, Juan Carlos gave us some harsh, but good feedback that I think may have turned the tides for our group. Basically, we looked at a deviation of islands from very random viewpoints. The lines that came from this focal points expanded outwards cutting through the current side and creating construction guidelines for new islands. This didn't seem to be exciting or concrete enough which I agree with.

From the feedback, we sat down with clear heads tonight and started to cover all attributes and characteristics that we needed to consider when forming our islands. A hub was created at the ronda littoral and from their the 90 degree angle of the sight deviates outward with 15 degree intervals in between. Next, we took the L'exiample grid notion and overlayed it to begin looking at programming. I'm having trouble uploading the image, but i'll get it up soon so this won't be so confusing.

Love and Architecture


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