04 April, 2008

The MotoGP wasn't in Sevilla...

This last weekend was filled with fun and games really, and crazyawesome Spanish people, and architecture... duh. I pretty much went to Sevilla everyday to get my sleep on, but as soon as I got near my plaza every night, or went to head to my coche in the mornings, I got to look at Metropol Parasol by Jurgen Mayer, you know, the one our professors keep telling us to look at? My hostel was in the same plaza as this. Plaza de la Encarnacion. Although I couldn't get really close to it, or climb on it (which I really wanted to do), I got to see this free-standing structure that apparently marks the existence of many enterprises like an ancient Roman archeological site, a farmers market, an elevated plaza (so I could climb on it), multiple bars and restaurants underneath and inside the parasols, as well as a panoramic walk on the very top of the parasols. Jurgen Mayor has created this temporary structure to hopefully remind the locals of the past, while engaging them into the future of possibly their city, as well as architecture. The plaza and surrounding area seemed pretty old, so hopefully he will have success with this new structure smack in the middle of this plaza, since it is near the shopping district, and for people like me, it was near a very nice hostel for a lot of travelers.

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