04 April, 2008

I saw one of my enemies today... and he was... ugly.

I have been under the impression that here in Barcelona there is a hidden enemy that the government has yet to address. PIGEONS! They hang outside of RESA. They dart at your head at... insane speeds, too fast to calculate. And they poop; they poop to mark their territory to let you know who is really running this town. It is like squirrels at Clemson except the squirrels hide nuts to mark Clemson up; they are more subtle. However, pigeons, pigeons are relentless. Today, Ryan and I went to Parc Clot. I was walking around doing some business when I saw this little bugger. I saw him from afar, and I came up close to view his wretchedness. This one looked like he had been struck by lightening. He was disheveled, skinny, and... burnt. He must have been one of the leaders, an elder of the great clan that had seen many battles. I should have taken care of him right there, but he was feeding. It would have been too easy; plus, with one so wise and great, I am sure he had his secret pooper whoopers waiting to get me if I made a move. I took a picture of him though to let those of you know that he is out there, and he is a threat. The people of Barcelona may feed these birds to keep them docile and fat, but we need to make sure to be on the look out. They will get yah if you give them the chance. DON'T!!!!

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