19 April, 2008


So let’s talk about a time at the beginning of this journey when my mom was here with me. After a visit to one of Gaudi’s many master pieces we went into this art décor store where in the front window were rows of these plastic translucent molds of pugs. My mom went nuts and ranted of how I had to take a picture of these fake dogs. I mean I know I’m a tourist and it was only my third day in Barcelona but to take a picture of a window display was a little Busch League. So I said no and walked away. O yea my mom is diffidently obsessed with pugs seeing as how we have a little black pug Gordita, who has at least 8 doggie beds to her name and so many statuettes around that we could make a pug farm. But in order to appease my mother I did go back there and took the stupid picture. So it’s probably already printed, framed, and hanging above one of Gordita’s many thrones.

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