19 April, 2008

You Know It's TRUE

Ideas not good enough, old hybrid rendering is despised by the Gehry-hating JC, eyes closing, vision getting fuzzy, sleep on the mind and bed out of sight. Studio Boot Camp can solve this little problem. That’s right just send your puny students away for a harsh reality check with BCN boot camp, we promise we’ll have them fully nocturnal within six weeks. Thought the states had architecture, thought you could sleep 8 hours a night, or even thought you could get along with all your studio mates? HAHA, my friend you are as blind as man swimming in doner kababs!! Life is hard, and architecture isn’t even close to having the luxury of such a muted adjective. But why then do we choose to live our lives like this? It’s because architecture gives so much back in return; the rewards are unexplainable and there is an endless road of knowledge to absorb. Every student who stays with the major and enters a firm has the burning desire for challenges and the strength to cope with a high probability of failure. Not everyone here will follow that road but that’s why you’re at BCN boot camp.

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