19 April, 2008

Shortcuts rule

So recently, I found that it is possible to not only import Rhino models into Form Z (aka: el diablo), but also Sketchup models. Which makes things so much easier. Especially when you have an angular building. Sketchup isn't great with curvy forms (it's actually probably easier in el Diablo), but with angular forms, it's a breeze. Obivously the quality isn't as good, renderwise, which is why some people are so stupidly dead set against it. I mean, it's a tool, if you can use and and make it look good, you shouldn't go and knock on someone else's project just because you spent twice the time on yours. But it's a really good tool for getting basic formal stuff down, like the overall forms of your 2 million sq. ft. pavilions :-P, and then importing it into Form Z to add details and make it look awesome. Which has been a lifesaver...the strawberries and cream kind :-D

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