09 April, 2008


Went a couple more rounds with the gardens for ARCH 412 this past weekend, and for the first time, there was actually a substantial amount of people using one of the spaces. It seemed to be a planned event, but there were actually more than 4 people there nonetheless, and it wasnt deathly quiet. We were actually there playing a pretty humorous game of asking a bunch of random people if they knew where these gardens were....and asking them this question as close to the entrance as possible. You'd be surprised at the amount of 'No's' logged, even from neighboring shops' employees. Over both spaces, only about 10-15% of the people asked had even heard of the gardens. The idea was to be able to better support our conclusion that both spaces are more privately used than publicly used, but before that, they're rarely used.

Then there were about 600 kids runnin around a few adults (teachers most likely) in the tiny interior Eixample garden "Jardin Cesar Martinell," and we were thrown a wicked curveball. When we got there, they were pretty much just runnin around playin soccer or getting ready to leave, but it did look like there was some kind of organized activity before that. There were a bunch of painted tiles on the ground drying in a corner of the garden, and also, parents were beginning to come in and take their kids home. At any rate, it was nice to see the space being used, even if it did throw our data a good bit out of whack.

AND, in other news, the Kansas Jayhawks are on top of the world after a 75-68 OT thriller. what a game, what a game

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