06 April, 2008

Our Garage Doors

There are a ton of things I won't miss about RESA. The fact that I'm living in a dorm room for the sixth straight semester comes to mind. So does the fact that our sink leaks and unless we remember to empty the bucket every week or so, our room floods. Number one on the list might be the fact that our next door neighbor calls Jose to complain if Brett and I are talking above a whisper past his bedtime.

BUT our personal garage doors kick butt! By garage doors, I'm referring to the shutter thing outside our window that makes it possible to completely blackout the world. Does anyone know the correct term for these things? They may be extremely ugly, but they function much better the awful shades on the Clemson Quad. I kind of forgot how cool they were until my friends from Clemson were intrigued by them over Spring Break. The midday blackout siesta was the perfect remedy for their jet-lag. We try to save it for special occasions, such as after an all nighter in studio or the afternoon after Brett's 21st birthday. Otherwise, I could sleep my time in Barcelona away. Speaking of, I'm feeling the pressure. It felt like yesterday that I was walking out of that plane from Atlanta. And I have a lot of mixed emotions about leaving this place and my favorite doner kabab stand in the world.

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