28 April, 2008

I figured I'd get in one last blog before I go without a computer for a month. We 're leaving tomorrow at 4 am for a month long Euro-trip, and right now I'm just trying to get boards and books finished up. The book isn't going quite how I wanted, so I think I'll try to revisit it when I return from the trip, but right now I'm just gonna get as much done as possible and make some revisions before I print it. Right now I feel more cruched than I did before the final review though. Every article of clothing I brought (with the exception of what I'm wearing) is in the wash, I have to clean up my room, finish my book, meet with my group to finish boards, pack, and get outta here by 4am. It's gonna be a long day, but in the end it should be well worth it.
My Mom keeps asking me for my travel itenerary ("in case of an emergency") but truthfully we don't exactly have one. I have 2 airplane tickets Barcelona-Milan, and Venice-Prague. In between will be some assortment of trains to get us to Cinqueterre, Rome, Venice, Prague, Bratislava, and Vienna. I don't have any transportation arranged back to Barcelona, but hopefully I can make my way back within 10-12 days, stopping undecided places inbetween. It should definitely be an adventure.

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