17 April, 2008

Custom DRY - cleaning

Dearest Blog,

Architecture here is wonderful....unless of course you are struggling with it in Studio at 3 AM on a wednesday night. Ha, i don't like to complain alot and i'm not going to here. Instead I'm going to write about how the Dry-In house is a really cool idea that seems easily enough applied.

The first concept about Dry-In house that really interested me was the endless amounts of wooden truss roof systems that are possible even in a shotgun house form. It seems that you could make any possible geometric shapes with the trusses.

Also, the speed and efficiency of the trusses being cut by computerized saw and the ease at which they are put together by workers was surprising. The efforts, money, and time saved by this truss construction and deliver system is much better than the conventional methods.

The customization of your own house was really my favorite part. The fact that you get a sheet that you can draw a sketch on and change factors to make your own house was great! I can really see this project being very successful and helping many people in need in New Orleans while still giving them the freedom of designing a place that is "THEIR OWN" at the original place their homes were.

Wash Owt.

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